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Interview with Australia’s Number One Ranked DFS Player

rd_101 is currently the number one ranked daily fantasy sports (DFS) player on Daily Fantasy Ranking... [More]

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NRL Supercoach Winner Discusses the Fantasy Sports Industry in Australia

Wilfred, the 2016 overall NRL Supercoach winner, discusses his road to the overall prize, all things... [More]


From Astrophysics At ANU To Analysing The AFL

In our conversation with Charles, we cover topics including how he applies his STEM educational back... [More]


Interview with Cricket Analyst Gaurav Sundararaman – ESPNCricinfo

Gaurav Sundararaman speaks frankly about his transition into the world of sports analytics and journ... [More]


Interview with a Sports Scientist at the South Australian Cricket Association

We talk to Fabian who is completing a PhD in Sports Science and works with the South Australian Cric... [More]


Predictive Analytics Applied To Rugby League: Looking At Try Scorers In The NRL

Over the last few months, we've built statistical models with the aim of predicting the likelihood o... [More]


From Gaelic Sports In Ireland To Womens Football At Collingwood FC

We speak with Michael O'Donnell whose story takes us from Ireland to the UK, USA & finally to wo... [More]

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Grand Final Weekend Value Plays

After a long year, Australian sport fans are finally going to be treated to two blockbuster clashes ... [More]

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How To Get The Best Out Of ‘Edge’ For Sport Fans

If you're a sports fan and are interested in the numbers, whether it's from a betting or fantasy poi... [More]


Previewing The 2020 AFL Finals

When we last spoke to Rob Harding it was a broader conversation around his career & the evolutio... [More]

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