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How To Get The Best Out Of ‘Edge’ For Sport Fans

If you're a sports fan and are interested in the numbers, whether it's from a betting or fantasy poi... [More]


A Quantitative Review Of IPL 2019 (Part 2)

The much anticipated Indian Premier League began without its customary glitz and glamour. In this tw... [More]

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IPL 2020 Preview: Trends From The Last 5 Years & Looking At UAE Venues

The 2020 edition of the IPL kicks off on Saturday, 19 December in the UAE. Different time of year, d... [More]


A Quantitative Review Of IPL 2019 (Part 1)

Jay Magodia looks at last year's IPL in his first article for Sport Tech Daily. He works in Digital ... [More]


Interview with a Sports Scientist at the South Australian Cricket Association

We talk to Fabian who is completing a PhD in Sports Science and works with the South Australian Cric... [More]

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From Sports Betting in the UK to High Performance Sport in Sunny Queensland!

We speak to Jason Colley who has over ten years of experience in the sport betting and analytics spa... [More]

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Gamifying Grassroots Sports

Ever wanted concrete evidence that you're a better cricket player than your best mate? Well now you ... [More]


Interview with YouTube Cricket Archivist Rob Moody AKA robelinda2

We speak to Rob Moody who is best known for his work collecting cricket footage for his YouTube chan... [More]


Application of Data Analytics in County Cricket in the UK

We speak to Michael Najdan who has a Masters in Performance Analysis and has been involved in variou... [More]


Insider Perspective on the Australian Sport Tech Industry

Trent Hopkinson has worked in the Australian sporting industry for almost a decade. With an educatio... [More]

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